Residential Interior Designers Brisbane

Committed to delivering timeless designs and enhancing your personal style we have some of the finest residential interior designers Brisbane has on offer.


Houses Into Dream Homes

A dream home is more than bricks and mortar. There are so many small selections in your new home: the cabinetry, the flooring, and the lights, as well as switches and all of those small fittings that can make a real impact in the design. By matching these selections to your tastes and to each other, our residential interior designers create your dream home.

Residential Interior Designers Brisbane

We Collaborate With Homeowners To Enhance Their Personal Styles

We’re a team of residential interior designers passionate about capturing our client’s personal style and transforming it into a space they can call home. By working with you to create a mood board and to comprehensively understand your taste, your personal style, and just as importantly, your needs, we create a timeless design for your home.

Partner With Our Residential Interior Designers Brisbane: Homeowners or Builders

We are, of course, so happy to support homeowners through the process of creating their brand new home and supplying them with a design that’s as functional as it is aesthetic. We partner with builders, architects, and other construction professionals to offer a comprehensive design and construction process. 

Residential Interior Designers Brisbane
Residential Interior Designers Brisbane

Residential Interior Designers Brisbane: Creating Organic, Free-Flowing Spaces

Our residential designs are created with function at the forefront of our minds. The team at Blended Interiors & Design works to understand your needs, your lifestyle, and your routine. Then we combine this with our understanding of what creates an organic space to flow through. From here, we create a design that flows seamlessly and organically while marrying the separate spaces of your home.

A Team With The Experience To Support You Through The Whole Process

From the early stages of conceptualising your project, through to the construction and quality assurance — we’re a team that can support you through the entire construction process. With valuable experience across building design, interior design, and interior decorating, we’re well equipped to bring your new home to life.

Residential Interior Designers Brisbane

New Builds, Renovations & Extensions

You can engage our residential interior design services for a brand new construction project or for renovations, extensions, and upgrades. Experienced across all kinds of construction projects, our designers are excited to collaborate with you to transform your new space.

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Residential Interior Designers Brisbane

Available For Commercial Engagements Too

Our experienced team of designers love working with builders and homeowners to create dream homes, however we’re just as passionate about creating a highly organic, productive commercial space. From shop and warehouse fitouts to enhanced commercial offices, we can support you through the process.

Meet Our Residential Interior Designers Brisbane

We’re a passionate team of residential interior designers who love partnering with homeowners, builders, and architects to create the perfect space. Our clients appreciate our transparent approach, our consistent communication, and our simplistic process. A partnership with Blended Interiors and Design mitigates any of that building stress through our clever approach.

Residential Interior Designers Brisbane

Residential Interior Designers Brisbane: Your FAQs

Residential interior designers manage the research, planning, acquisition, and of course creative outlay phases of a house build. Designers will typically have a knack for understanding how you want your home to look and translating that into a design. They’re equipped with the knowledge and experience to visualise a space while balancing its spatial requirements with textures and colour. They’ll also have the connections to find the specific materials, fittings, and fixtures needed to pull off the space they’ve envisioned.

Interior design sees a space created with function and aesthetics in mind. The way the space will be used is the priority, with the space’s aesthetic as a close second. Interior decorators will decorate the space, rather than designing it. 

More specifically, interior design sees the selection of fittings, fixtures, and materials. Where an interior designer selects flooring, wall paints, lights and their switches, and a range of other fittings, an interior decorator would select furnishings like couches, shelving, and decor. 

An interior decorator makes decisions based on creativity, aesthetics, and feeling, and an interior designer does the same, with the added responsibility of ensuring it works practically and in a technical sense.

The earlier the better. Having an interior designer’s input from the early stages of a construction project ensures their practical considerations are heard before the bigger decisions are made. It offers the building designer or architect on the project more clarity too.

Yes, we can! We’re fortunate to have a team of qualified and experienced residential building designers to support our service offerings as well.

Our Blended Interiors & Design team does not employ construction contractors, however we are really well connected in Brisbane and South East Queensland’s construction industry. This allows us the connections and relationships to support our clients through the engagement of the perfect construction professionals for their project.

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