Frequently Asked Questions

More than you would expect! Interior designers create functional, liveable, and beautiful interior spaces. There are the typical items: your colour palette, the flooring, bench tops, as well as your kitchen and bathroom’s cabinetry.

More than that though, interior designers are actually responsible for planning those small items that have large impacts. The positioning of your light switches, power points, and the selection of all your appliances and fittings. Your interior designer determines how you will utilise your home.

We also know how to marry the trends you’re loving with a timeless design. So, you’ll still love the space in 10, 20 years.

An interior stylist goes a step further than your interior designer. They’ll take care of your furniture selections, your rugs and textiles, and decor or artwork throughout your home.

Interior design has long been seen as a luxury reserved for the wealthier homeowner. That’s not strictly true and in fact, an interior designer can save you money in the long run. We have connections with a variety of industry professionals. It means we can get appliances, fittings, and fixtures at a better price and we know how to negotiate.

Additionally, interior designers know homes and we’re experienced in planning them. Our expertise is useful when you’re planning those technical details throughout your home — like the placement of light switches.

The earlier the better. Working out exactly what you want from the interior of your home with a designer will give your building designer more guidance while putting together plans. It means we can have input from the beginning of the project, ensuring all the building specifications match your vision.

Our interior designers are based in Brisbane, but we can travel throughout South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

As involved as you would like to be. We’ll need you to sit down and approve plans or designs throughout the process and make personal selections. If you’d like more involvement through the process, we can work closely together as well.


Our designers would love to help you transform your next project! Book a meeting with us below. We can travel to you or meet at our office.