Blended Interiors & Design Team

Blended Interiors

Blending aesthetics with functionality

At Blended Interiors & Design, our team is committed to creating the perfect space that you will be proud of – that is both functional and beautiful.

We know life gets busy, so our promise is to keep the process simple and enjoyable, communicating consistently and transparently every step of the way.


With seven years of passionate work in the design industry, Deanna is the heart and soul of Blended. Having recently started a family of her own, she brings a personal touch to designing the ideal home for hardworking Queenslanders. She knows the most important thing is to intimately understand a client’s brief and budget which is why we always make this our highest priority. Deanna’s vision is to build Blended into a nationwide company which delivers bespoke, high end designs and finishes along with a team of qualified designers who each have their own individual flair to make Blended stand out from the rest.


Sarah is an Interior Designer who is passionate and enthusiastic about her work which makes her a very valued part of the Blended team. Always hungry to learn more, she never slows down and is an eager and fast learner.
Sarah’s eye for the finer details during the presentation and concept ensure she is always fusing her natural love for design with the intricacies of planning. She is an expert in 3D modelling and renders but is just as skilled when it comes to creating mood boards and material palettes. Her experience in software and styling make her a superb all-rounder. Sarah also loves burgers and will be happy to provide recommendations for a tasty feed.


Chanelle brings a wealth of experience to Blended, including her Bachelor qualification in Architectural Design and a post-graduate Certificate in Marketing. Her background in luxury design gives her work a distinct prestige. With a keen eye for furniture design, Chanelle is always bursting with ideas to create the most beautiful spaces for our customers.
She is an expert at matching the needs of the customer to the trendiest designs on the market. By combining the right materials, decor and colours with her skills in conceptual modelling and joinery drawings, Chanelle knows how to make every client’s dream space a reality.