Empty Spaces Into
Dream Places

Blended Interiors and Design is a boutique Brisbane studio offering building design, interior design, and interior decorating. We understand that every project is unique, which is why we want to share our passion for design with you to create your dream space.

Our qualified designers focus on creating modern, timeless designs that reflect your project brief, lifestyle, personality, and brand. We believe that taking a transparent approach to the intricacies of both the design and technical aspects of your project is essential. At Blended Interiors and Design we also understand that the process can be daunting, which is why we can tailor your involvement to best suit your personal circumstances.


Partnering with architects, builders, and developers, our qualified designers will tailor our designs to suit your client’s budget and brief. We focus on creating a seamless construction processes, whether it’s residential or commercial. This is achieved by working within your budget and creating a cohesive process through coordinating time management to ensure your project deadlines are met. 


Design Services

Our interior designers will work with you to discover and enhance your personal style in your residential or commercial space. Blended Interiors will consult with you to gain an understanding of your project scope as well as your goals. Our talented team of designers will then create a timeless design that caters itself to your lifestyle or business. Our designers understand the importance of creating organic, flowing, and unique designs.

Design Experts

Whether it’s a new home, a renovation, or a commercial fitout, our building designers will team up with you to develop a strong understanding of your requirements for your space. Taking into consideration, a range of factors, including the flow in the area, such as light and air, practicality, and spatial awareness. Our dynamic team will create a design that capitalises on the new or existing space while ensuring your vision has been achieved while remaining focused on your budget.


& Styling

Our interior decorating and styling team pair function with flair. At Blended Interiors & Design, we want to create aesthetic finishes that are unique and authentic to you and that exude your personality. With endless industry connections our team sources bespoke furnishings, decor, and accessories that will work in the scale of your space and are personal to you and your lifestyle.